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Hello, my name is Kelly. Your guide to being your own boss. Today I will tell you a true story.

There was a junior high school student who was very introverted and did not like to talk in school. He seemed to be unhappy all the time. If you were a physical education teacher, how would you treat him?

One day, the physical education teacher asked the student to go to the playground to participate in the school basketball team selection after class. On the basketball court, this student went on a rampage, desperately trying to get the ball, but it was all in vain and eventually lost. He left silently. 

The next day, the physical education teacher said that he was missing an assistant in organizing the basketball team training, and asked the student if he was interested. The student reluctantly nodded in agreement. Since then after school, the student went to the playground to help the teacher, and when the teacher taught the basketball players, he secretly followed, but behaved indifferently.

The physical education teacher asked the student if he wanted to learn, again the student agreed reluctantly. After finishing the training, the teacher taught the student alone. For a period of time, the student was absent. When he showed up again, there were scars on his face and body. The physical education teacher didn’t ask anything, but just pulled the student to his side, checked the wound carefully, and then went to take the medicine box.

Under the careful guidance of the physical education teacher, the student improved his skills and was successfully selected as the school team members until graduation. In high school, the student also often came back to help and trained younger players. The story was not over here.

One day, the student came to see the physical education teacher and said that he might not be able to help out for a while because he was about to go to jail. The physical education teacher did not criticize him, but said that a person should be responsible for what he did. “No matter what the situation is, you must maintain a fighting spirit, believe in yourself, forgive yourself, and think about how you entered the school basketball team.”

This story was a true story of my respected mentor, who was far away in heaven. He told it to me when I encountered the trough of life.

He didn’t like to talk at the time because his parents were killed in a car accident, leaving him and his two younger brothers alone. He went to school with injuries because some students bullied his younger brother, and he stepped forward to protect his younger brother. Later, he went to jail because he accidentally injured one of the students while protecting his brother. However, my mentor did not bow to fate. After he was released from prison, he chose to find a job and did not enter the university because he had to support the family. 

With his continuous efforts, he became a senior executive in a multinational company. As the company went public, he realized financial freedom at the age of 32. My mentor did not forget the physical education teacher. In fact, he has been helping the family of the physical education teacher anonymously. In the last year of his life, while fighting against cancer, he was studying for a doctorate degree, and he did not forget to guide me on the problems I encountered in the entrepreneurial process. Thank you so much, my dear mentor! I really appreciate your guidance.

Many times, we always look at people with colored glasses unconsciously. In fact, we don’t know what others have experienced. Remember to treat others nicely and respectfully. Sometimes our little effort may be of great significance to others. On the other hand, there are always unsatisfactory things in life. Get used to co-exist with difficulties. When encountering problems, solve them, let go, and continue to grow!

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